Rivmedia Web Design

We don’t just build websites, we build businesses

We love working with dedicated business owners, creating purpose-driven websites to help you achieve the success you desire.

My Story
Rivmedia Web Design

Meet Libby: Strategic website designer, business consultant & all-round super nerd

I’ve always had a penchant for anything techy so in 2007 I started my first small business in the video production industry. I then transitioned into web and graphic design in 2014 and absolutely love it.

Web design is a constantly evolving skill and I thrive on the on-going education it involves, learning new tricks and overcoming new challenges.

It simultaneously allows the creative and OCD sides of my brain to run wild.

Zone of Genius
My home office

I first starting working from home back in 2007 (before it was uber trendy). It does have its challenges, but there are loads of perks too, and not just for me:

Not having to pay for a commercial space reduces my running costs substantially

The freelancers I hire also work remotely which also helps keep my overheads down

These factors equal generous savings I can conveniently pass on to you. Yippee!

I am based in the Riverina town of Wagga Wagga NSW and work with clients throughout Australia and internationally.

Our logo
What’s with the tree?

Fun fact: trees never stop growing. They do in height but they continue to grow in width making them stronger & better equipped to handle changes in the environment around them.

As business owners, we too need to continually grow & evolve in order to remain current in this constantly changing world. Quite simply, if we don’t innovate we get left behind. So the tree both symbolises this as well as the region in which I live which is abundant in gum trees.

rivmedia web design

Rivmedia Web Design:
Helping your business build strength, embrace change, and grow.

rivmedia web design

Rivmedia Web Design:
Helping your business build strength, embrace change, and grow.

In Person Meetings

Most of my communications are done by email, phone or online via Zoom, but in-person meetings are welcome too for Wagga Wagga locals.

Being my home, meetings are strictly by appointment only. If you wish to catch up to discuss your project, give me a call or shoot through an email to book in a time.

What makes us different
Why work with Rivmedia Web Design?

Truth is, you can throw a rock and hit a web designer who can build your website, or with all the DIY options available perhaps you can have a crack yourself (maybe you already have). The difference between that and what we offer… is the result.

We do so much more than just building websites, our purpose is to create a valuable asset for your business. A site that meaningfully reflects who you are, what you offer, and helps you to reach your personal & financial goals.

What helps us do that?

Design, Strategy & Support

Our website packages combine processes to make things simple, stunning design, and evidence-based marketing strategies that deliver results. Plus, support & guidance to maximise your ROI.

Education & Skills

A love for life-long learning, and discovering new techniques provides us with the means to consistently innovate, evolve, and grow... and help our clients do the same.


Our clients have the benefit of taking advantage of over a decade's worth of business, and 6 years of web design experience to help guide your digital marketing decisions.

Our Vision

“We don’t just build websites, we build businesses”

We Believe:

That with the right tools, resources and support everyone can and deserves to be successful in business.

We Know:

That website development can be so much more than just creating an online presence, but a powerful asset that serves the client just as much as their customers

We Educate:

To empower our clients with the knowledge and skills to continue to grow their website, and ultimately their confidence & productivity

We Love:

Working with motivated business owners who take responsibility for their results and are driven by the success they give their customers.

Happy Clients
Your success is our success

Quality service and customer satisfaction are of great importance to me, so we absolutely love hearing from happy clients! See what they had to say about our website services:

Everyone deserves a website to be proud of and that gets results

With access to the right tools, resources, and support, we firmly believe that everyone can, and deserves to be successful in business. Just imagine being able to focus more of your time doing the things you love or with the people that matter most to you…

That’s why our services have been developed to provide so much more than just building websites, but to help you build your business, and ultimately achieve the success you dream of.