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    Website Plan & Marketing

    The following questions are to help us plan how best to meet your needs and how to create design elements. You can be as brief or as thorough as you like, but the more info you can give us the better.

  • While websites often perform multiple functions (provide info, generate leads, make sales, provide a service to help others, etc.) What is the ultimate / highest priority goal you wish to achieve by creating this website?
    Feel free to include information both from a personal and business perspective.
  • Describe your potential clients - Young, old, demographics etc. (this helps us choose which website templates/themes should work well with this target market)
  • Why should customers do business with you rather than with your competition? What problem are you solving? What sets you apart? (We want to make sure we highlight this in the website)

    Your Website's Design

    Again, be as brief or as thorough as you like, but the more info you can give us the better.

  • So we can get an idea of what kind of style and design you want to go for, please list below some websites that you like - detailing what you like (or even don't like!) about them. They don't necessarily have to be within your same niche' we're just looking at design elements.
  • If you can, detailing what you like/don't like about their websites is also helpful.
  • If you have any final comments, feel free to leave them here.
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