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Strategically designed websites that captivate & convert high-value clients

“I couldn’t be happier with the results…”

“I’ve had many clients compliment me on my website.”

“I have built a lot of websites in the past… And it’s never been a great experience UNTIL I contacted Libby.”

As a business owner, you probably have big dreams for your future.

Being an entrepreneur means that you can use your talents, passion, and knowledge to solve people’s problems and help them live better lives. Or maybe you see your business as a way to fund your dream lifestyle—travel the world, spend time with your family, or give back to the community.

Whatever success means to you, I’m your marketing partner that helps you build the success you dream about with absolute confidence and clarity.

My job is to strategise, work on the nitty-gritty aspects of attracting new clients and running a website, so you’re free to concentrate on doing the work you love, with people who value you.

So if you’re ready to stand out, shift from desperately in-need, to a deluge of demand, and never again worry about where your next customer will come from—read on.

Here’s what your competition gets WRONG with web design (and how you can do it right!)

Lean in close. Let me tell you a secret…

Most companies and digital marketing agencies get websites dead wrong. Yes, their designs look great, they showcase what’s on offer, and convey the brand and personality… But behind the fancy words and beautiful design, they’re just glorified online brochures.

They never capture prospects who are interested, but not quite ready to pull the trigger just yet, or give red-hot leads reasons to act now.

Without a good strategy, you’ll do everything “right”—post on social media, write blog posts, and spend money advertising—but struggle to win the hearts of your potential clients, and turn them into $$$ with predictability and consistency… And that’s what truly matters.

So rather than simply putting your business “out there” and hoping that clients will find you, great websites build a connection between you and your audience. And it’s those relationships that result in more clients saying “yes”, spreading the word, and coming back to you over and over again. In other words, working with a great strategy makes you truly irresistible.

How a compelling website can fast-track your success

Your website is the first place people will look to learn more about your business and what you offer. Your job is to leverage this curiosity to build profitable and mutually-beneficial relationships.

How do you do this? You simply have to show your ideal clients that you are the perfect solution for them.

Doing this is easier than you realize! Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and have a squiz around your competitor’s websites. You’ll quickly realise that all their websites sound exactly the same. They make the same vanilla promises, offer the same mediocre guarantees, and use the same stock photos.

With everyone racing to be cheaper and faster, it’s harder than ever for high-value clients to find good, trustworthy businesses who care. And this is your biggest opportunity…

Why work with us?

Truth is, you can throw a rock and hit a web designer who can build you a website, the difference between them and what I offer… is the result.

As a website developer and strategist, my specialty is facilitating clarity about your business vision and how your unique personality, experiences, and knowledge can be beautifully infused into your brand identity—and communicated to the world through a stunningly composed website.

And then getting into the nitty-gritty details of your target audience’s biggest desires, pain points, and barriers. So you can position yourself as the best option for your clients.      

All of that goodness empowers me to build your website not only in your voice but in a way that will connect with the unique needs of your potential clients and inspire them to take action.

Clarity first.

Content second.

You on track to building a solid business.

Rivmedia Web Design
Are we right for you?

We work with business owners who value innovation, creativity, and want to bring in a trusted partner to accelerate their growth. They are driven to succeed by doing the work needed to build their skills and take pride that their work sets them apart from the rest.

We choose to work with people like this as they are a great fit for our service. This is not driven by elitism or exclusivity, but rather a genuine desire to serve only those who share our values, and either has or is willing to develop the traits needed to create a successful outcome.

We’re a great fit if:

You are eager to learn & ready to do the work needed to grow a profitable business

You want a high performing website, backed by proven marketing strategies to attract clients

You want to work with a trusted partner to guide you through the digital marketing maze

You value what professional design, strategy, & support can do to help accelerate your success

We’re not a great fit if:

You don’t have time to do much with the site or learn new things. You want a site you can set & forget

Right now you’re just looking for a simple & affordable website to get online and provide your info

You prefer to manage everything in-house and work things out on your own

You’re comparing designers on price & are not too concerned with anything else

DRIVE Web Design
Our unique 5-step process to accelerate your success

Success in business is not determined by your passion, how hard you work, or even how good your product is. These attributes certainly help, but how well you can convert customers will ultimately drive your results. This simple step is what many entrepreneurs miss. Fortunately, getting more clients is much easier than you think – IF you know how.

Our DRIVE web design system is much more than just producing great looking websites. We solve the day-to-day issues involved in running a website and provide strategies, resources & support to guide you towards your goals. We are a web development agency that builds more than just websites, we build businesses. Below is a breakdown of what our DRIVE system entails and how it will transform your business.







Lack of focus > Purpose

Many websites have no clear purpose. They’re just made to look pretty, supply content, and that’s it.

By fusing stunning design with behavioral psychology, your website is developed specifically to captivate your prospects, transform them into adoring clients, and grow your business faster than you could ever imagine possible.


Confusion > Clarity

Most entrepreneurs never consciously define their ideal clients. As a result, their marketing remains generic, untargeted, and same-as-everybody-else.

We help you zero-in on your niche & identify the type of client who would get you excited to wake up every morning, so we can compose copy that skyrockets your value, and attracts your dream prospects like bees to honey.


Indifference > Taking action

Website content rarely communicates what’s on offer in a meaningful way. When you’re bland and boring, visitors get bored and click away without getting in touch.

Once we get crystal clear on your niche & ideal client, our content creation system helps you generate content that engages your audience, and most importantly, inspires them to take action.


Frustration > Peace of mind

Tech and performance issues are frustrating bottlenecks for entrepreneurs. Spending hours researching and fixing them is a poor use of your time.

This happens to be our zone of genius. So we take care of your website’s health and vitality, leaving you free to focus on what really matters – thrilling your clients, growing your business, and enjoying your success.


Stalling > Momentum

Once websites are up and running, most agencies hand them over and that’s it. You have to figure out how to build interest, handle leads, and maintain momentum yourself.

We provide ongoing support & education services plus carefully curated resources via our members’ area so you get the most out of your investment and keep your momentum going.

With the right strategy, you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Imagine what it would be like to get more clients, generate more demand, and make more profits. What would this do for you? Your family? Your clients?

Make no mistake: This is not a magic wand. While I offer a powerful system to accelerate your success, you’ll have to play your part also. If you are willing, then I’m here to help you build the business you really want, and live the life you dream about.

Are you ready? Check out our packages and take the first step.

Web Design Packages

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choose a package
Everything you need to create a stunning, customer converting website

Step 2: Choose a maintenance plan
Keep your website up-to-date & optimised to maintain performance

Step 3: Pop a bottle of champagne
Time to celebrate – You’re on your way to growing your business!

More than just web design
We put all the features, support & knowledge you need at your fingertips

A lot of time, research, creativity & copious amounts of coffee goes into each of our web design projects.
Here’s what’s included with all of our packages:

Website Development:

  • Results-driven template on WordPress platform ($2500 value)
  • Customisation to colours, fonts, and images
  • Mobile optimised & responsive
  • All required admin pages (privacy, terms, disclaimers)
  • Website analytics and on-site SEO ($2000 value)
  • Social media & email marketing integration ($300 value)
  • Premium contact form and thank you page ($500 value)
  • Security, performance, & back-ups integration ($1000 value)
  • That’s well over $6000 in value!

Marketing & Resources:

  • Define your niche & ideal client guide ($600 value)
  • Lead magnet guide ($300 value)
  • Lead magnet design, integration & automation ($1300 value)
  • Content creation worksheets ($1000 value)
  • Professional copywriting ($750 – $2400 value)
  • Access to website knowledge base and VIP members area (at least $2000 value but really it’s priceless!)
  • Access to our ongoing support services (10% discount for members!)
  • That’s well over $6500 in value!

Step 1: Choose a package:

We like to keep things simple, so we just have the 2 packages to choose from and both have all the features you need to create an effective online presence. We also appreciate that not all projects fall into a package; other features that can be added include coming soon pages, more pages, adding eCommerce, and more.

Single Page Website

It is as it sounds, all your content on one single page. There is still a navigation menu but the links simply jump to that particular section of the page.

This package is perfect for businesses looking for an affordable yet professional website with a very specific focus & task for their audience to perform.

Get it all for $2899
or 3 monthly payments of

All standard inclusions, plus:

*One page website design

Two copywriting revisions

Two website revisions

Two hours email support within 30 days of website publication

Fully designed blog + 3 posts

One website training session

Full Website

This package delivers a site with a standard navigation setup and initially up to 5 pages (you can add extras if needed).

They are perfect for growing businesses giving you unlimited scalability, a better SEO strategy & wider reach, plus more features to achieve your marketing objectives.

Get it all for $4899
or 3 monthly payments of

All standard inclusions, plus:

Five page full website design

Two copywriting revisions

Unlimited website revisions

Unlimited email support within 30 days of website publication

Fully designed blog + 3 posts

One website training session

If you need guidance, feel free to contact us and for a more detailed description of the inclusions please see our FAQs.

*If you choose the single-page website package, you can always expand it to a full website later, they are totally versatile!

Step 2: Choose a maintenance plan

A well-maintained website keeps your brand safe, secure, and thriving. Here’s what’s included with all of our plans:

Monthly Software updates

Includes updates to WordPress core, plugins & theme/s as well as a compatibility check to ensure the updates don’t cause any issues

Daily security & malware scanning

Your website is checked for any malware and we make sure facilities are in place to reduce vulnerabilities, plus free malware removal if required

Monthly activity reports

Details of the work completed are emailed and when necessary we include optimisation suggestions for better performance

Monthly database optimisation

For faster backups, and improved speed & performance. Essentially it’s like giving your website a spring clean

Monthly full website backup

A complete backup of your website is performed and stored remotely, giving you peace of mind that your site and content are fully protected

Discounted support & edits

Being on a plan automatically gives you access to a 10% discount for ongoing support & edits (via our support tickets or when invoiced monthly)


Suitable for small to medium-sized websites with basic functionality and minimal activity such as blog posting & minor edits

$75 / month

All standard inclusions plus:

*6 monthly website health check

Monthly full website backups

Extra fortnightly database backups

For sites with 20 plugins or less

Access to up to $200 worth of premium plugins


Best for websites with extra functionalities, growing traffic, and regular activity such as blog posting, minor edits, or sites with eCommerce

$125 / month

All standard inclusions plus:

*6 monthly website health check

Monthly full website backups

Extra fortnightly database backups

For sites with 25 plugins or less

Access to up to $800 worth of premium plugins


For larger websites with complex functionalities (blog, LMS, eCommerce, memberships, etc.) and have regular to high traffic & website activity

$195 / month

All standard inclusions plus:

*6 monthly website health check

Fortnightly full website backups

Extra weekly database backups

For sites with 30 plugins or less

Access to up to $1500 worth of premium plugins

If you need guidance choosing, feel free to contact us and for detailed information and FAQ’s, see our website maintenance packages page.

*For every 6 months you remain on a plan with us, we’ll perform a free website health check (Valued at $150) to make sure your website is meeting all best practice guidelines. We’ll provide a full report and any recommendations. Click here for details.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

I too am a business owner so I understand the risk and uncertainty you feel when deciding to invest in something new; no one wants to waste their time or money. I’m extremely proud of our DRIVE signature system and am confident that anyone who invests in it won’t look back!

That’s why I offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll double your income, I can guarantee the quality of the system; what it provides, and the time and stress it will save you. Once you’ve had a chance to look under the hood of our DRIVE system; if for whatever reason it just doesn’t feel right, we can part as friends and I will refund your money in full.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Step 3: Build your strategy-driven website!

Ready to get started? Simply complete the form below and let’s get the ball rolling.

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Happy Clients
Your success is our success

Quality service and customer satisfaction are of great importance to us, so we absolutely love hearing from happy clients! See what they had to say about our web design services:

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