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Web Design Booking Form

Woo Hoo! Let's get your flash new website started!

Website Design Booking Form

To commence your project please complete the form below so we can get cracking on your awesome new website!

  1. You will need the PDF document that was emailed to you to indicate your acceptance of the quoted price and inclusions.
  2. You need to read our terms and conditions.
  3. After providing your business details, we have a few more questions for you to help us plan your website’s design. You can be as brief or as thorough as you like, but the more info you can give us the better.
  • Your Details and Quote Acceptance

  • Please upload your finalised quote (PDF document that was emailed to you) to indicate your acceptance of the quoted price and the inclusions.
  • Your Website's Design

  • Why should customers do business with you rather than with your competition? What problem are you solving? What sets you apart? (We want to make sure we highlight this in the website)
  • Describe your potential clients - Young, old, demographics etc. (this helps us choose which website templates/themes should work well with this target market)
  • If you can, detailing what you like/don't like about their websites is also helpful.
  • If you have any final comments, feel free to leave them here.
  • In submitting this form I certify that I have read, understood and agree to Rivmedia's terms and conditions.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions here (page will open in new window)

Website Design FAQ

Below we have answered some of our most frequently asked questions, but if there's anything else you would like to know please don't hesitate to ask.

How do you accept payment for a Web Design Package?

A 35% deposit is required upfront before the commencement of any work. When the project is nearing completion, a second 35% installment is required with the remaining 30% balance due upon completion.

How long will it take to create my website?

Usual turn-around time is about 4-6 weeks from the time that all required content has been supplied to us. This can vary (slower or quicker) depending on two things:

  1. How quick you are to supply us with additional content as required, respond to feedback requests and so on
  2. Our current workload which we will inform you of upon booking a project with us.
What about domains and hosting, do I set that up or do you?

Many developers will purchase your domain & hosting for you as part of their package; as it is your website though, we personally prefer that your domain/hosting is registered in your name rather than ours! We will of course provide you with full instructions on how to do this, but rest assured it’s very easy!

We’ve actually written an article about this if you would like more information:

Your website is your most important online asset… isn’t it?

Can you make sure my website will show at the top of google?

Our websites come with in-site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – how your website shows up in google) and all possible efforts are undertaken to set this up as effectively as possible, but no guarantees can be made for your website’s ranking.

How google ranks your site is constantly evolving and changing so I would be very wary of anyone who does guarantee “top of page 1 results.”

Ranking on page 1 of google used to be reasonably easy with a well-built site. However, with so much competition these days this is getting harder and harder to achieve and often a well-built site isn’t enough on its own.

As such, many businesses will also invest in off-site SEO services to help improve page rankings.

I don't have any good quality images to use on my website, can you help with this?

Yes, we can either include a selection of royalty free images which we will purchase on your behalf or if you’re a Wagga Wagga local there are a few professional photographers who we are happy to recommend to you.

How do I learn to use the website? Do you offer any education?

Upon completion of your website we provide a one-on-one education session to walk you through the site and teach you how to use it. For peace of mind if you happen to make a mistake you can always restore the previous version because of the built in back-up features we will have installed for you.

We do also offer maintenance packages if you would prefer to leave the ongoing management of your site up to us.

What E-Commerce Platforms do you offer?

We work with WooCommerce (on WordPress) and Shopify for our e-commerce websites. We are happy to discuss with you which platform is best suited to your needs.