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Social Media Sux! So I’m switching things up

So I’ve been quiet on social media… again!

Partly as I’ve been really busy (yay) but if I’m totally honest its primarily because I really struggle to get motivated with it sometimes.

There’s so much noise out there already with every man and his dog posting something, ads following you around the internet, fake news, click-baits etc. that my motivation to participate in an already saturated & often toxic environment has dwindled.

I’m hearing of more and more people feeling a similar way and abandoning social media altogether for these and many other reasons; most notably because of the impact it has on mental health.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s LOADS of great things about social media too; just look at the amount of donations (for the fires) rolling in at the moment via awareness and campaigns created on social media.

And from a business perspective it’s an effective and affordable medium to create brand awareness, grow your business, connect with customers and so on.

So how to find the happy medium between staying engaged but avoiding the toxicity?

After some reflection over the holiday period I’ve decided to take a different approach to social media.

I’ll be ignoring a lot of the “must do’s” as a business owner but to be honest I don’t care… I’m doing what works for me and keeps me happy 🙂

Posting frequency:

Experts bang on about posting regularly which for me only adds additional pressure to find HEAPS of quality content (I refuse to post crap just for the sake of hitting a 5-7 posts/week target).

Sure, I could delegate this work, but that costs more money which I would rather spend on activewear, food and holidays. Plus, I’m a control freak so I wouldn’t want to inflict that role on anyone anyway 😉

Investing my energy more wisely:

I always have this monkey on my back feeling because I don’t post on social media enough (according to experts). Fact is though, I don’t enjoy coming up with social content, so it becomes this annoying task that causes me anxiety because I don’t do it well or often enough.

Plus, its made more difficult by the fact that there’s only so much that someone in my industry can post that is interesting to the general public anyway (most people aren’t super nerds like myself that get weirdly excited by website coding and the like!).

So I’m going to let go of what the pros say I should be doing; I’m sick of the pressure and would rather invest my energy in the things I do enjoy and do well. I’m not abandoning socials completely, I’m just going to take the pressure off myself for not being more involved.

I’m not going to get caught up on likes and comments:

When I’m using social media myself I know I personally prefer to see what my friends, family & community are up to, info on topics that interest me and of course I enjoy funny memes and videos just as much as the next person.

Posts from businesses can be informative and interesting but they’re not as engaging to me as the former, not on social media anyway. As such, I know I don’t like or comment that much on commercial posts (I try to as much as I can to support other businesses but can be lazy sometimes).

So, I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist if my engagement isn’t massive! Social Media is just ONE place that I can promote my business, its not the be all and end all that many portray it to be!

In reading this, hopefully the above will help take some pressure off you too!

Everyone and every business is different so you will probably need to take your own approach to social media, but my purpose in sharing these thoughts to is to simply inspire you to think outside the box.

There’s a lot of noise about what you should and shouldn’t do on social media. If its causing you grief, ignore the noise and do what works for you. The good news is, as with all digital mediums, if it doesn’t quite work out you can always change and adapt what you’re doing.

Here’s to happy, healthy and prosperous 2020!

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