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Website Support Tickets


Need help debugging an issue, updating some content or even just want something explained in non-jargony english?

You can use our support tickets for a whole range of issues – debugging, adding customisations, adding blog posts, education, you name it.

Inclusions & Details:
  • Each ticket is $25 and is restricted to a maximum time allowance of 30 minutes or when your question is answered, issue resolved or work completed (whichever comes first).
  • On the off chance that we are unable to help you (e.g. its outside the scope of what we can provide via this service), you will be notified before any work commences and provided with a full refund.

Please see the FAQ section below for more details and you can find full terms & conditions here.

arrowAfter purchasing your ticket you will be automatically redirected to our online form where you can submit your support details. If paying via Paypal, make sure you hit the Return to Sellers Website button to be taken to the submission form.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can support tickets be used for?

Here are some examples:

  • *Website edits and uploading new content
  • To debug a website problem
  • To provide additional functionality to your website or research and suggest options for adding functionality
  • To provide education on how to perform certain tasks

For customers already on one of our Maintenance Plan Packages the support tickets are also a handy way to top-up your support & edit time if you have already exhausted what is available to you in the current billing cycle.

*Tasks are generally for minor edits only; they exclude major design & functionality changes as this often requires much more time and is best to be quoted separately. If any edit requests fall outside the scope what we can provide via this service you will be notified.

How many tickets should I buy?

If you’re not sure how much time the work you require will take (and how many tickets to buy) I will do what I can within the time allowed, or you’re welcome to shoot me a quick email first to check.

As a guide here’s some previous work we have done and how many tickets it required:

  • Uploading a blog post (including images) – 1 ticket
  • Updating some images & making minor design adjustments throughout website – 2 tickets
  • Adding custom CSS – 1 ticket
  • Installing and setting up a plugin  – 1 ticket (more if there’s multiple plugins)
How do I submit a ticket?

Simply add a ticket/s to your shopping cart and complete payment. After checking out you will automatically be redirected to an online form where you can submit your support details.

What is included with a support ticket?

We will provide support and/or education via email (or phone when needed) and when necessary provide tech support within your website itself to resolve your issue. Tickets are restricted to a maximum time allowance of 30 minutes or when your question/issue is resolved (whichever comes first).

How long does it take you to reply?

Our working hours are Monday- Friday 9am-4pm and we work through tickets in the order in which they are received. We strive to reply within 1 business day.

Can I email you my question instead?

Sorry no. We have a number of clients that we provide support for and the online ticketing system ensures that requests can be easily tracked and addressed in chronological order. It also helps keep prices down not having to spend additional time on admin/invoicing.

Congrats, you’re a legend for asking for support!

Many small business owners (myself included) often fall into the trap of trying to do too much themselves, either out of necessity (when budget is an issue) or in my case when you’re a total control freak 😉

Truth is though you’re really doing yourself a disservice by doing this and probably missing out on opportunities to improve your business.

While at first it might seem as though you’re spending more dollars (and eating into your profits), delegating can actually save and/or generate money. You’re getting the service done right (and probably quicker) whilst your time is better invested in doing whatever it is you do best.

By don’t just take my word for it…

richard branson delegate

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