WordPress Tune-up

Website maintenance with no sign-ups -just fast, effective servicing & evaluation of your website to ensure it’s performing at its best!

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WordPress Tune-up


If your website is a very simple, information-based site with minimal activity but you want to ensure it’s performing at its absolute best, we have developed the perfect package just for you, the WordPress Tune-up.

It’s a one-off service with no sign-ups necessary. Just fast, effective servicing and evaluation of your website!

Here’s what you get:

  • Updates to WordPress Core, themes, and plugins
  • Security & Malware Scan
  • Database optimisation
  • Full back-up before and after completion of service
  • Activity report with details of all work completed

Please note – We don’t recommend leaving your site un-maintained for any more than 6 months at most.

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