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Niche & ideal client guide

Gain complete clarity on what you do & who you do it for to communicate your marketing message in the most effective & persuasive way possible.

20 hours


Niching down and truly understanding your ideal client will help you know how to stand out from the crowd, and shift from desperately in-need, to a deluge of demand. This guide will give you complete clarity on what you do, and who you do it for, enabling you to communicate your marketing message in the most effective and persuasive way possible.

Here’s what you will learn:


A 4-step process to identify and define your niche including a simple template to help you create a one of a kind, irresistible value articulator statement


Prompts designed to help you get hyper clear on your Ideal Client Avatar so that attracting and building an audience filled with your dream customers will feel like second nature


Easy ways to do market research so there’s no doubt in your mind — there’s room for you at the table and the world needs what you have to offer

Course Structure


A personal message from Libby…

I myself have made the mistake of not niching down enough, terrified of making a bad decision or limiting the number of clients I could work with. It wasn’t until I educated myself further on the topic that I realised the complete opposite was true and that indeed “the riches are in the niches!” (Pat Flynn)

This guide will help you gain complete clarity on what you do and get super clear on the specific group of people you wish to serve to get the most out of your business.

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