Project: Web Design

The Client:

HOLGRO™ uses a partnership-style ecosystem to cultivate awareness, accountability, and connection in regional businesses, its people, and communities. Centered around a community of experts and peers, it ensures success through accountability and structured support.

Delivered through a membership portal, this primarily web-based product and service suite will grow with you.

Holgro Project Details:

Laticia (Founder & CEO) asked me to develop a landing page for her new venture, Holgro. While the membership portal is being developed, the purpose of the landing page was to start generating interest, develop leads, and for potential investors and interested users to find more information.

The design called for a clean, modern layout that effectively achieved the above criteria.

Notable Features:

  • Landing page design
  • Lead Generation Newsletter opt-in form
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Integration

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