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new website

My New Website

As is the case for many designers my own website has been neglected for quite some time whilst I’ve been busy creating sites for all of my fabulous clients. I’ve finally managed to give it a face-lift though to coincide with my new branding.

Reading time: about 1 minute

Why the new branding?

Honestly I never really liked my original logo; like many before me I rushed it whilst trying to get everything going and its bugged me ever since.

Whilst colouful (which I like), the graphic is a bit dated looking as are the fonts and neither elements really epitomise the image I wanted to portray for my business.

Here’s the old logo:
rivmedia logo

With the new design, I wanted something, warm, unique & symbolic.

Fun fact: trees never stop growing, they do in height but they continue to grow in width making them stronger & better equipped to handle changes in the environment around them.

As business owners we too need to continually grow and evolve in order to remain current in this constantly changing world. Quite simply, if we don’t innovate we get left behind.

So the tree both symbolises this as well as the region in which I live which is abundant in gum trees.

And the new logo:

rivmedia web design logo

What else is new?

Having to give my website a “re-fresh” has also afforded me with the opportunity to add some new features and services for my clients.

You will notice I now have a Support section where you can find further information about my WordPress Maintenance Plans, and other website support products; all of which can be conveniently purchased directly through this website.

So grab a cuppa and have a snoop around, I hope you like it!

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