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Does Your Business Need a Website?

So it goes without saying that as web designer I’m obviously biased when it comes to this topic, but there’s still plenty of relevant points in here worth your consideration.

If you are a new business owner, you are trying to navigate the treacherous waters of marketing and advertising, branding, and creating an image that people learn to trust and believe in. In the new world of the Internet and technology, a website is one of the first things that you should create. It may be a significant investment at first, but without a website, your business is going to be seriously lagging behind the competition. A website can be your single most important tool in expanding your business.

Lends credibility to Your business

Today, when your potential customers are looking for a product, they first go to Google. If you do not have an online presence, not only will you lose potential customers, but your customers will think that you are outdated and out of touch with their needs. A website, no matter how it looks, will give your business credibility in the modern consumer’s mind. However, a professionally designed website will of course draw in more credibility than a poorly designed website.

It can actually save you time and money

Many people have the misconception that a website is a marketing tool alone, which is far from true! In addition to being an effective marketing tool and another avenue of income should you sell through it, your website can actually save you time and money. It can provide your customers with all the information they are looking for and at the same time, pre-qualify them before they get in touch with you. Just think how much time you would save in emails and calls if the information customers seek is readily available to them online? And at the same time, if the products and service you provide aren’t quite right for them they won’t waste your time in getting in touch with you to begin with!

Keeps customers informed

Your website is really the first thing that people will see, and gives the first sense of what your company does and sells. Customers will rarely come into your office, or call you for information nowadays. Rather, they look for your website. They can find most of the information that they want and need from you. With email newsletters customers can sign up for, you can keep your customers up to date with the latest information from your brand, whether you want that to be weekly, monthly, or any other period of time. You can keep your customers involved and informed on the goings of your business without having to take too much time out of your schedule.

Showcase Your individuality

A website is how you will make yourself stand out from the crowd, and show what makes you the better option than your competition. This is vitally important in the world of Google searches, where hundred of thousands of businesses will all be vying for the attention of your customers. If you merely do what is expected of you, and blend in with the rest of the crowd, your business will flop. You must be able to show why customers should spend their money and time on you, rather than the other businesses in the market. Your website is the strongest way to do this.

Targets a wider market

A website will be able to spread all over the Internet, and all over the world. There are no boarders to the Internet. This means that your market is instantly broadened by having a website. You have the possibility of meeting with customers from every continent, and being able to easily communicate with them. You are no longer limited to your country, but your market is the international market. Without a website, you are limited to your local area, with only traditional methods of marketing available to you and your business.

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