Website Health Check

Book a Website Health Check today & make sure your most valuable online asset is performing at its best to generate leads for your business.

website health check

Website Health Check
Is your website working as hard as it should?

Whether you have recently launched or your website has been around for years, it’s always good practice to regularly check-in and ensure your most valuable online asset is performing at its best to generate leads for your business.

Our website health check has been designed to provide you with real insight into your website and how it’s working for you.

We will thoroughly review it, covering everything from your tech setup to usability and marketing. We’ll provide a full report detailing where things are going well, and provide recommendations for areas needing improvement.

This is for you if:

  • You’re not getting the number of conversions you would like so want someone to see what could be improved
  • You’ve built the site yourself and would like an expert to look over it for you to spot anything important that you might have missed
  • You had a developer build it for you but want a second opinion to ensure the site has the best possible standards
  • It’s been over 12 months since your site was built so you want to bring it up to scratch with current best practice guidelines

How it works:

  1. Purchase the service via the link below
  2. After purchasing you will be automatically redirected to a page with further details explaining how to give us access to your site
  3. We review your site, deliver the report and our recommendations, along with pricing should you proceed with getting us to sort out any issues found
  4. You can pass this info on to your original developer to sort out, fix it yourself or book us in to tidy things up for you… Easy Peasy!

How our website health check will benefit your business:

Increased visibility

By making sure any tech issues that could be harming your search engine visibility are sorted out, all your SEO settings are optimised and your marketing efforts are on point.

Return on Investment

Your website is your most valuable online asset, optimising its performance will ultimately translate to more leads and more sales.

Happy users

Improving the usability of your site means that your users have a better experience, stay on your site longer, and are more likely to become a customer.

Peace of Mind

Relax knowing that your site has everything in place to make it secure, it’s protected in the event that something does go wrong, and it’s meeting all your legal obligations.

Here’s what is analysed:

This report covers aspects that are global (i.e. site-wide settings). Some elements however are page-specific in which case the home page only will be analysed. To get a clear idea of what you can expect, download our sample report here.

Tech Setup

Is your WordPress core, theme, plugins, and PHP versions up to date and optimised?

Common SEO issues

Are you ticking all the boxes for your global and on-page SEO settings?

Speed optimisations

How’s your site speed? Any room for improvements? Are you meeting best practice guidelines?

Server and security

We’ll check to see if your website is safe and secure, not just for your site visitors but to keep those pesky hackers at bay as well.

Mobile usability

Is your site mobile responsive? We’ll test if it’s compatible across a range of devices.

Advanced SEO

We dive even deeper into your SEO and make sure you’re doing everything to keep Google happy.

Website Usability

What’s your site like for your visitors to use? Is it easy to navigate and find important details?


Does the site meet all legal obligations? (some you might not be aware of)

Digital Marketing

A site with an engaging design can still fail to convert visitors, we’ll take a look at the digital marketing side of your site and see how its optimised for conversions.

Misc. Recommendations

We’ll provide any other recommendations, specifically for your site, that we believe will be helpful.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us, so we absolutely love hearing from happy customers! These are just some of the awesome businesses we have been lucky to work with over the years. See what they had to say about our website support services below, or check out all of our reviews here.

Website Health Check


Book a Website Health Check today & make sure your most valuable online asset is performing at its best to generate leads for your business.

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website health check
website health check