Ideal Customer Avatar

Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Finally get clear on WHO you are selling to & how to connect with them so your offerings practically sell themselves

Learn how to define your ideal customers, and confidently build marketing strategies that work.

Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Finally get clear on WHO you are selling to & how to connect with them so your offerings practically sell themselves

Learn how to define your ideal customers, and confidently build marketing strategies that work.

Do you know exactly who you’re selling to?

If you answered something like: small business owners, mothers, people in my city… then you’re probably not selling to anybody.

This is where so many businesses come unstuck. Failing to clearly identify their best customers because they don’t know how, or, because of fear. Fear that if you focus on a smaller group of people that it will restrict your business.

The fact is though, if you try to help everyone, you’ll never help anyone.

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Generalised Audience

When your marketing is communicated to a broad audience it becomes generic, uninspiring, and won’t address the specific problems your ideal customer wants to be solved.

You won’t speak directly to their fears, frustrations, wants and desires, resulting in a lack of connection and subsequently, lost sales.

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Targeted Audience

The more you refine your customer avatar: The better you’ll understand how to reach them, how to get them to buy, and most importantly, how to give them the outcome they desire.

Having a deep understanding of your ideal customers then integrating this knowledge across your entire business is the secret sauce to successful marketing.

Your avatar forms the foundation for ALL your marketing strategies.

But here’s the problem…

Defining your ideal customer can be tricky.
Where to start, what information to gather and how to implement it. 🤷‍♀️😭

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You struggle to write content & social posts because you aren’t sure what your customers really want from you

Or perhaps you are blogging, posting on social media and all that jazz… but getting poor engagement

The marketing strategies you’re running don’t seem to inspire customers to take action

You’re investing substantial hours in time (probably $$$ too) in advertising but not getting a great ROI

When you do get leads, something just isn’t hitting the mark and your conversions are low

Customers who aren’t ideal have been buying from you, and the outcomes aren’t great (for them and you) because the fit just isn’t quite right.

You’re not alone.

A lot of business owners struggle with this piece of the marketing puzzle. Only by having a crystal-clear picture of who you want to reach, can you tailor your marketing to have the strongest impact on your audience.

Just imagine how it would feel if you could:

Stop guessing what content your customers want and save time creating it because you already know exactly what they’re looking for

Increase your customers interest in your business, get more clicks, likes, & shares and as a result, build a larger and more adoring audience

Have a friction-free sales process where customers are saying “This is amazing, I must have this now!”

Know precisely which platforms to run ads on, which demographics to target and what wording you should use to get a healthy ROI

Reach your customers in a way that truly resonates with them & their needs, and give them the outcome they desire.

Serve only your most ideal customers who absolutely love & appreciate what you offer, increasing both your profitability and more importantly, your enjoyment and satisfaction

Do you want to ditch the confusion & fear and confidently build marketing strategies that work?

If you’re sick of procrastinating over your content, getting poor engagement, low conversions and working with the wrong clients who don’t appreciate you then this is it! This course has been created just for you and will help you take your business to the next level.


ideal customer avatar
Ideal Customer Avatar

Defining your ideal customers doesn’t have to be complicated when you have the right tools and a step-by-step guide to help you. This course will walk you through how to identify your ideal customer avatar, even if you’re new to customer profiling.

The nitty-gritty

Here’s what is waiting for you inside the course

4 Lessons in easy to digest bite-sized chunks

Each lesson only requires around 5 minutes of reading, plus the time to do research and complete the worksheet. You can access the course via your desktop, laptop, iPad or phone.

Avatar Reference Guide

A quick reference guide to help you in gathering all the data you will need to create your Avatar. It includes all the questions to ask & info to collect to assist you in creating your Avatar.

Customer Avatar Worksheet

We’ve covered all bases – Complete it online via Google Docs, download it to your PC and use Microsoft Word, or if you’re old school you can print it out and write your answers.

happy woman sitting with laptop

You will learn:

What a Customer Avatar is exactly, how it can be used to refine & improve your marketing, and why it is the secret sauce to a successful business

How to go about collecting data and what critical pieces of information to include so you can target higher-quality leads

How to identify the frustrations, fears, wants & desires that your customers have & the emotions associated with them so you can make them feel heard & understood, and genuinely build a connection.

The psychology behind buying choices and what switches your product or service from a “nice to have” to a “must-have”

What might stop your ideal clients from buying and conversely, what will motivate them to buy. Knowing and addressing both will give you a huge advantage in your sales conversions.

What your customers can expect to experience before and after purchasing your product, and how you can use that transformation as a highly effective buying motivator.

Did someone say Bonuses??

FREE Canva Template!

Once you have created your Avatar, convert it into a handy 1-page document. It’s not only more visually appealing, but it combines all the data onto 1 convenient page.

It also simplifies things should you want to share the document with others such as copywriters or web developers.

This way, everyone is on the same page when it comes to creating content for your ideal audience.

Customer Avatar: FREE Canva Template!

Here’s how it works

You get instant access to the entire course, no waiting for emails or content sent week by week. Along with lifetime access, you can either binge and smash it all out at once, or take as much time as you need.

Lessons are text-based (not videos) so you’ll never miss an important point. You can refer back to specific sections quickly and easily and move through the information at your pace.

The content is yours forever, allowing you to come back again and again. You can use and reuse the course information and resources as your business grows and evolves.

The Worksheet is instantly accessible via Google drive where you can edit it online, or if you prefer, you can download it to your computer, whatever floats your boat 😉

Maybe you’re thinking this course might not help you?

You’ve probably seen others making similar promises or perhaps you’ve been burnt already? And I get it, there’s nothing worse than wasting time and money!

Here’s what makes “Create your Ideal Customer Avatar” different:

Anyone can do this course, regardless of your marketing skills and no matter what stage of business you are in. It’s suitable for both newbies and established businesses ready to scale up!

The worksheets provide all the prompts needed to guide you, completely removing the guesswork of what to include to create the perfect avatar for you.

It’s more than just a list of what data to gather, you get explanations of each section’s relevance and importance. Instead of just getting the “what”, you will also have the “why”, giving you a thorough understanding of the psychology behind customer buying choices.

We’re about taking action,
not just consuming content.

This course was created to save you time, money & frustration, not to add yet another thing to your to-do list that ends up collecting digital dust on your computer.

Our step-by-step guides will give you the resources to confidently take action that will move your business forward, so you can finally get the results you desire!

Ready to connect with your customers on a deeper level, where objections are obliterated and you’re met with excitement & hope?

Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

When you enrol today, you’ll get:

Instant access to the online course lessons and content (value = $497)

Avatar Reference Guide (value = $97)

Customer Avatar Worksheet (value = $497)

Bonus:  FREE Canva Template! (value = $47)

Total Value = $1,138

But you won’t have to spend anywhere near that!

Sure you can create a customer avatar on your own, but you can easily lose days and weeks trying to find out what data to gather, and without the right guidance it’s likely to miss the mark anyway.

Investing in our course will save you hours of time and head-scratching so you can finally get clear on WHO you are selling to & how to connect with them so your offerings practically sell themselves. Best of all, you don’t have to blow the budget to get your hands on it!

Your marketing strategies shouldn’t hold you back from helping your ideal customers. That’s why I’ve made it as easy as possible to get your hands on this course by practically giving it away for…

Drum roll, please! 🥁🥁🥁

$47 AUD

Don’t let the price fool you

This course is based on years of experience, education & research. We’ve done all the hard yards so you don’t have to! Plus, running it online is inexpensive, a saving I can pass on to you! #winning

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve worked hard to ensure that anyone who invests in this course won’t look back. I’m confident you will LOVE it – what it provides, and the time and stress it will save you. That’s why I’m happy to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry.

All I ask in return is that you take the full 14 days to complete all the lessons and worksheets. If you find you’re not 100% satisfied, we can part as friends and I will refund your money in full.

Hey There! I’m Libby

I’m a Web Developer, Strategist, and Founder of Rivmedia Web Design. I help motivated entrepreneurs owners who want to grow and scale their business.

For years I have seen websites that whilst very attractive and functional, just weren’t getting the desired results. The owners were seemingly doing everything right – posting on social media, writing blog posts. But, still struggling to convert visitors into customers.

I knew that a more holistic approach was needed to help my clients achieve their goals, and one major element in that strategy is nailing your Customer Avatar. So, I created this course to help you get crystal-clear on your ideal customers, resulting in marketing that is highly targeted, highly effective and improves your ROI.

I’m an action-taker like you, and I don’t want something like an undefined Avatar to stop you from doing what you do best, and building the business of your dreams. So I’ll see you inside?

I believe that with the right tools, resources and support, ANYONE can achieve success… in whatever form that means to them.
– Libby, Rivmedia Web Design


No worries, I’ve got you covered with the most common FAQs here. If you don’t see your question below you can email me directly and I’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Is this course right for you?

This course isn’t for everyone and I’d love to help you figure out if it’s right for you. So I’ll cut to the chase. It’s not a magic wand. 🧙‍♀️ While this is a powerful system to accelerate your success, you’ll have to play your part and do the work:

This course is for you if…

You’re starting out and want the right strategies in place so you can hit the ground running!

You’ve been online for a while but just can’t seem to hit those sales targets

You’re sick and tired of wasting time and trying to figuring it all out by yourself. You’re eager to learn & ready to do the work needed to grow a profitable business

You want to understand the psychology of your ideal customers and know exactly what they are looking for you so you can deliver it

And you’re totally ready to…

Look and feel like the pro you are and launch your marketing campaigns with confidence

Get ahead of your competitors by cutting through the marketing noise, speak directly to your ideal audience and inspire them to take action on your content

Invest in yourself and your business with support & guidance that will save you hours of time & aggravation, and finally get the success you deserve

Maximize your marketing so you’re spending less but getting more high-quality leads

Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Ready to learn how to define your ideal customers, and confidently build marketing strategies that work?

A quick refresh, here’s what you get:

Instant access to the online course lessons and content (value = $497)

Avatar Reference Guide (value = $97)

Customer Avatar Worksheet (value = $497)

Bonus:  FREE Canva Template! (value = $47)

Total Value = $1,138
But you can have it all for just $47 AUD

By the end of this course, you will…

Have a clear understanding of who you’re trying to attract, what they want and how you can solve their problems

Precisely how and where to reach them

What will motivate and inspire them to take action with you

Be able to run campaigns that require less time and money and provide a great ROI because they specifically target high-quality leads

Work only with your best customers, who appreciate what you do, love your offerings, make repeat purchases and promote your business to others!

What is that worth to you?